The chair for my grandparents who run a music class at home. Not only as dining chair but also for listening to music and reading a book, the chair was adopted in material and shape to be easy to sit on for a long time. The thickness of the armrest is considered to be able to easily move and lean on it. The thickness of the back of the chair is also considered for grabbing and moving. A gentle sense of stability and lightness the simple lines, without occupying the space, create a great place for an old couple.




This chair is for a woman who is a fabric designer. Next to the atelier, her husband is running a café. The wife operates a sewing machine with the aroma of coffee. The lady who works at a sewing machine all day long leans the back on a gentle curve. If she leans her tired body on the chair, it helps to reel better and relieve fatigue.




In Duplex house, I planned to layout the dining kitchen with a court yard. This chair is made a little bit low, so you can sit comfortably in order to get all family members together in the dining kitchen with no special thing. I designed this chair to make a light impression by having a floating sitting part. I imagine a similar designed bench on the opposite side of the chair to form a natural gathering space for the family.

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